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Latest Announced Mergers

Why You Save Money & Time with Merger Investing!

Merger Investing offers you a one-stop-shop for all things M&A by providing spreads watch data for all announced public mergers.

And now is the time to get in on this potentially lucrative investing strategy.

Because as of September 2011, U.S. M&A activity had risen dramatically over the previous year. The numbers tell the story: $764 billion YTD in 2011 vs. $486 billion in 2010 — an increase of 57% in dollar value!

Other M&A services can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. They justify the exorbitant price with an avalanche of extraneous material, which means you waste valuable time searching for the detail you really can use to take advantage of real profit opportunities.

Merger Investing gives you easy, fast accessibility to all the pertinent information you’re looking for in real time—without any of the costly, unncessary “frills.”


How You Benefit Immediately as a Member of Merger Investing!

  • Real-time streaming quotes of merger profit calculations so you don’t have to wait for daily updates.
  • Merger news updated as it happens, which means you‘ll always be on top of emerging profit opportunities.
  • Details on each merger’s closing conditions that provide an essential overview of critical information at a glance.
  • Daily email reports that give you access to news related to all previously announced mergers and new announced mergers.
  • Ability to search information and table sort according to your individual investing needs.

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